dinsdag 10 juli 2012

One of those days

Just a story I would like to share................

Since bélen is to school, mornings need a little more organisation.
So I woke up this morning having it all thought well out [me; always organised, even in the morning]

Half past seven; Douwe would be up, putting B in the bed with me where we could wake up easily and wait for Mr. Cranky to leave the house before getting up. B would eat her breakfast wile I would have a nice shower. We would get clothed, I would make B a nice lunchbox with fruit and bread.
And we would both leave the house singing, she for an exiting day at school and I for a nice day at work.

Well everything except that last sentence ;)

But than at half past seven everything suddenly changed...........

Douwe got out of bed, waking B finding out that she peed her bed, so I had to get out immediately, get B out of her wet pj's and put the bed clothes in the washing machine. While doing so crossing the path of Mr. Cranky.
So I thought I would put B in my bed while I took a shower and than call her after a couple of minutes to come and have a shower to.
Of course the wanted to be in the shower with me all the time so every time the shower was pointed at me and I tried to wash myself she was screaming that she was cold and she was crying because of the soap she got in her eyes.

We left the house running, B eating her breakfast at the back of my bike, just to be in time for school.

So there I was, on my bike completely stressed out and cranky as hell, on my way to work to try out a new computerprogram I have no faith in.
Than I had an epiphany................
I should not go to work, but get myself a coffee first.

So here I am, sitting in probably the only sun of the day. Eating breakfast an drinking coffee and enjoying the view of the water and the Borneo-eiland.
And my morning ordeal suddenly became just a funny story............

Enjoy your day, I hope it starts better than mine.

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